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Roger Wolfson & Associates

|| Tailor-made Orthotics and Prosthetics
|| Braces & Splints
|| Home Optimisation

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Roger Wolfson & Associates

|| Tailor-made Orthotics and Prosthetics
|| Braces & Splints
|| Home Optimisation

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Roger Wolfson & Associates

|| Tailor-made Orthotics and Prosthetics
|| Braces & Splints
|| Home Optimisation

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Roger Wolfson & Associates

|| Tailor-made Orthotics and Prosthetics
|| Braces & Splints
|| Home Optimisation

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Top-class, custom treatments to restore your confidence, mobility, and quality of life.

Comfortable, tailor-made orthotic aids and prosthetics are our speciality. With our cutting-edge technology and skilled practitioners, we’ll craft you the perfect device to support you in living a fulfilling, active, and pain-free life.

Meet Roger Wolfson

BTech Medical Orthotics & Prosthetics

With more than 40 years of orthotic engineering experience, Roger Wolfson puts his all into making sure you’re fitted with the most comfortable, affordable prosthetic or orthotic aids of the highest quality.

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Here for Your Journey

Losing a limb is difficult — the sense of loss, fear, the emotional and mental hurdles, and learning how to move your body in a new way all over again. Know that we’re here for you, making sure that you feel supported in challenging your limits, reaching your goals, and discovering your strength.

Getting a prosthetic isn’t just about having a new limb; it can be a whole new life!

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Services we offer


At Roger Wolfson & Associates, we help make the challenge of choosing and learning to use a prosthetic limb a little easier. We create prosthetics that cater to your individual needs — your functional, psycho-emotional, and job-related requirements are our priority.

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Buying a back, wrist, or knee brace at the pharmacy just isn’t the same as having a brace fitted by an orthotics professional — we pride ourselves on our wide range of devices made to measure for the best comfort and efficacy.

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Orthotic support services are a crucial part of patient care: preventing issues, correcting issues, and recovering from injuries or surgery is a breeze with the help of services and support like corrective shoes, compression stockings, braces, or helping to make your living space easier to move around in.

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Products we use

Backmate Back Brace and Spinal Support

Painful back from sitting behind a desk or in a car the whole day? Roger Wolfson is the inventor of the Backmate Back Brace and Spinal Support System that's helped many back pain sufferers. The Backmate fits on any chair and has an adjustable airbag that can be placed exactly where you need it for maximum support. This device has also helped many patients on their road to recovery from back surgery.

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Otto Bock C-Leg 4 Microprocessor Knee

Gain all the benefits from the world’s most studied prosthetic device. Walking backwards, exploring mountainsides, or going down ramps is a cakewalk with the high-tech, intuitive C-Leg 4. With its next-level reliability and performance, you can get used to more freedom of movement, greater support and comfort when sitting, and optimum stability. Stumble Recovery Plus even detects when you might be about to fall and initiates the resistance you need to avoid the fall and recover your balance. See more at

Otto Bock E-MAG Active Knee/Leg Support

Stand safely and walk more fluidly with the intelligent E-Mag Active. The E-MAG Active supports unstable knee joints (due to paresis or failure of the knee extensor muscles), helping you stabilise when in a basic stance and supporting a full swinging motion when walking that feels more natural and free. No more annoying operating noises too! The magnet that locks and unlocks the joint for standing or walking is quick and quiet. Read more at

Otto Bock Myoelectric Arms

Myoelectric prosthetics are controlled with the electric signals naturally sent out by your muscles. Our myoelectric arms offer a more natural look and movement with elbow joints with continuous gearing and fast signal transfer, which gives you superior independence and mobility. For greater grip force, a wider range of motion, and relief from back pain due to an unbalanced posture, try Otto Bock Myoelectric Arms.


"I lost my lower left leg in a landmine explosion in 1976, I was 26 years old. As I was in the military, I had my prostheses made by military technicians at 1 Military hospital. Initially the quality of the prothesis was okay. as the then SADF technicians were quite competent. I however left the military in 1978 and went into the retail industry, while in Durban the Workmen’s Compensation technicians attended to me and were also quite competent. In 1994 I was transferred to Botswana and went to the then JG Strydom Hospital for attention. It was here that I met a young Roger Wolfson working under the tuition of Mr Duncan.

I was transferred to various cities in South Africa over the years and was attended to by several prosthetists until I was eventually transferred back to Johannesburg in 2000. I looked up Mr Duncan when I needed attention and he told me he had retired and that Roger Wolfson had gone into private practice and that I should make an appointment to see him, which I duly did.

I have been a patient of Rogers since then and have had about six or seven prosthetic legs since then. They have all been very comfortable and have kept pace with the new developments that prosthetics have made over the years from straps, to belts, to suction and as my current leg with the rachet pin. I also used to do scuba diving, and we developed a prothesis that I could walk on, like a pegleg but had a flat toe that I could put my flipper on, so that I could dive with the prosthetic, “flipper leg”.

I didn’t enjoy standing on one leg in the shower or hopping around in the bathroom until I was dry and able to put my prosthesis on, so I asked Roger to make me a “shower leg” which was just a light socket with an aluminium pole with a rubber cap on and this worked like a charm. My job at the time entailed a lot of air travel and I needed my shower leg to fit into an overhead suitcase, which I could travel with Roger made the pole detachable so the I could fit my shower leg into my suitcase for easy transportation while traveling, nowadays I love travelling overseas I don’t go away from home with out taking my “peg” with me.

I was a paratrooper in my army days, and I wanted to continue sky diving as a sport. In 2005 I decided to take up sport skydiving. My instructors were dubious about letting me skydive with a prosthetic leg, I however convinced them to give me a try and to my joy I managed to qualify as a sky diver and did 650 skydives over the next 10 years.

All in all, Roger has become not only my prosthetist, but a friend and we have spent many hours over the years chatting about many diverse subjects. I trust over friendship and professional relationships last many more years, Roger you cannot retire until I’ve passed on."

Neil Robertson

"My name is Kostas Kalyvakis, a Greek national who, due to an unfortunate injury to my right foot, requited an emergency below knee amputation.

This procedure was carried out at Linksfield Hospital, in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 24th December 2022.

I was introduced to Mr Wolfson, by my surgeon, prior to my amputation, as I would obviously require his assistance and expertise going forward.

Mr Wolfson was present throughout my procedure and post-op rehabilitation, assisting with the coning process of my residual limb, as well as guidance in the required physical exercise techniques.

Mr Wolfson, with his vast experience and knowledge in his field of expertise, was instrumental in the designing of a prosthetic ‘Below Knee’ socket, to suite my slightly unusual residual limb, based on the concept of utilising a socket-less socket system.

The final result being a uniquely designed ridged open back socket with supporting back plate and crossover straps, allowing for extra tensioning as and when required.

This type of innovative socket, coupled with a standard silicone liner has allowed me to have a comfortable and pain free experience.
I am truly thankful that Mr Wolfson was patient and flexible enough to work with me and my difficult limb, so as to develop such a unique futuristic prosthesis.

I am now back in Greece and am four months into my new life journey.

Based on my ability to self-tension my socket, as and when I require, I am able to walk with ease and comfort and most importantly, I am able to drive a vehicle again.

A truly and remarkable result in such a short period of time!!

All thanks to Mr Wolfson and his proficient and dynamic team."

Kostas Kalyvakis

"Thank you very much for the super pair of orthotics you made for me recently.  It is really great to be walking again!"

Charmaine Pringle

"Roger Wolfson made a leg for me. Roger goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and does a good job in making his clients happy."

Johnny O’Connell

"I would like to thank Roger Wolfson and his wonderful team from the bottom of my heart that I can walk again.

It was too painful to walk with my previous prosthesis.  As a result, my wife searched the Internet for someone who could fix my leg so that I would walk again.  That’s when she came across Roger Wolfson and Associates.  I made an appointment to see Roger Wolfson straight away and within only a few sessions, he reformed my old prosthetic leg into a new, comfortable one.

For the first time in two and a half years, I was able to walk to my daughter’s grave. I would definitely recommend Roger Wolfson and Associates."

Frank van Niekerk

"I am so used to my prosthetic leg that Roger Wolfson made for me it is like I was born with it. Sometimes, I even forget that once I was lying in a hospital bed with an amputated leg.

My name is Patrick Kelehile. My right leg was amputated.  The amputation was performed in June 2010 by Dr De Graad at the Krugersdorp Private Hospital.  Doctor De Graad referred me to another specialist to help me with my prosthesis.  However, I spent the rest of that year and most of 2011 waiting for my new prosthetic leg.  The fact that it took so long was surprising, since my medical aid fund had already paid for the leg.  Each time I went to the prosthetist, he would tell me that the leg would take another couple of weeks to complete, and so it went on.

Finally, in September 2011, the prosthetist called me to say that my leg was ready. He said that the leg was 100% and that he was happy with it.  When I was fitted with the leg I was shocked.  The leg was nothing like it was supposed to be.  I felt like crying.  At first, I was so happy at the idea that I would be walking again, but, the leg was completely unsatisfactory.   I kept asking myself, why me God?  What have I done to deserve this?

One day while I was at work, I decided to search the Internet for websites relating to prosthetics. That’s when I found Roger Wolfson and Associates.  I met with Roger Wolfson that same week.  Roger took the measurements for my new prosthetic leg and after a few test fittings were carried out, within only two weeks I was walking again!  I believe that finding Roger Wolfson was a ‘miracle sent from God.

Till this day, I am still walking with the prosthetic leg that Roger made. I am so used to my prosthetic leg that Roger Wolfson made for me it is like I was born with it.  Sometimes, I even forget that once I was lying in a hospital bed with an amputated leg.  To tell you the truth, with the help of Roger Wolfson, I am back to hanging out with my friends and living a normal life. I want to thank you Roger, you are a man of God and I believe that you were sent by God to perform miracles in this world. Keep up the good work!

God bless you and your family"

Patrick Kelehile

"There’s no one like Roger Wolfson in South Africa, there is no one to match you!

I have worn a calliper for most of my life, since being diagnosed with polio in early childhood.  Each calliper had produced its own set of mishaps over the years.  Even at an advanced stage of life, I had failed in my attempts to find a calliper that would work properly.  Certain simple activities were often extremely difficult.  Sometimes, I was afraid to go shopping for fear that my calliper would give way beneath me.

I did a lot of research, but, to no avail. Due to the bad experiences I had had in the past, by the time I arrived at Roger Wolfson and Associates I thought I had already dealt with the ‘best in the West’ and I had even become convinced that as far as a suitable orthotist was concerned, it appeared that ‘all the good guys had left the country!’  I had almost given up hope of ever being able to find an orthotist that could make me a calliper that would work properly.

But, to my amazement, the first calliper that Roger Wolfson made for me turned out to be very good indeed!  The following year, Roger made me another new calliper that was even better still!  Now, I can honestly say that gone are the days that I walk in fear that my calliper will give way beneath me!  There’s no one in South Africa like Roger Wolfson, there’s no one to match you!"

David Goelst

"The best thing that has happened to me at my age is that my medical aid fund referred me to you, Roger Wolfson.

Thank you for making a prosthetic leg that works properly.  As an above-knee amputee who has had several artificial legs over many years, I can honestly say that yours is the best; not only due to its uniquely good fit, it also has great stability and is extremely comfortable.

As I have grown older, it has become increasingly important to have a well-fitting leg that is stable and easy to wear.

Prior to my involvement with Roger Wolfson and Associates, my previous attempt to obtain such a leg was a complete disaster.

  • It began with a letter to the Medical Aid Fund from my doctor motivating the need for a new leg.
  • I had a new leg made which was supposed to be ‘the answer to all artificial limbs’. Not only did it cost me a great deal of money, but, this new leg caused me to periodically fall backwards or forwards due to the fact that the knee had no effective braking system.
  • Each time I fell, I would hurt my wrists in an attempt to block the fall. Unfortunately, I broke my hand the last time I fell using this knee.
  • My doctor was alarmed. He wrote another letter to the Medical Aid Fund, recommending that for my safety, a new, different leg should be made.   In this letter, he mentioned that another fall could result in a broken hip, which could also mean the end of my walking life.
  • I had visited the former prosthetist several times, travelling 600kms from my home, in an attempt to put an end to the repeated experience of ‘kissing the ground’ as it were; when the leg would continue to give way unexpectedly from underneath me, for no apparent rhyme or reason.
  • In spite of the fact that the socket was cracked in several places from my having experienced numerous falls, the said prosthetist failed to fix the leg; and implied that the problem was ‘all in my head’.
  • I have since discovered that this particular malfunction is a recognised problem associated with the specific type of knee that I was using.

Since joining forces with Roger Wolfson and Associates, I have been walking comfortably with the new knee for about six months now.  Once the knee mechanism has been fine-tuned, it will be completely problem-free.  I will be visiting Roger Wolfson and Associates again soon, whereby I am confident that any minor difficulties will be ironed out.

Roger, you are a true artisan and an artist who has sculpted a socket that fits comfortably. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me and wish that every amputee could benefit from your skills and a comfortable, strong leg to walk on."

J H Botha

"The calliper that Roger Wolfson has made for me is the most comfortable calliper that I have ever worn and is very easy to put on.

I was diagnosed with polio at the age of 3½ months and am now 79 years old. In my lifetime, I have had many walking callipers.  I stumbled many times with most of these callipers, which made me feel insecure.  But, with the calliper that Roger Wolfson has made for me I feel safe and secure and for this I am very thankful."

Mr Brand

Our practice is contracted to most major Medical Aid Schemes.

We’re always looking at how we can help you regarding your available budget or benefits from your funder/medical aid. We do a lot of PMB (Prescribed Minimum Benefit) work and can assist you to get PMB coverage if you’re part of a medical aid.

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