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Orthotic support services form a crucial part of patient care — preventing and correcting issues, and recovering from injuries or surgery is a breeze with the help of services and support like corrective shoes, compression stockings, braces, or helping to make your living space easier to move around in.

Custom devices

Your best foot forward

One of our specialities is corrective shoes — and with our full-time surgical shoe maker on site, we can measure, design, and create the perfect pair of comfortable, medically supportive shoes for you on demand!

For those with foot, ankle, or toe deformities from an accident or since birth, it can be a challenge to find shoes that actually feel good and that don’t cause other problems like ingrown toenails or back pain. A condition like high arches is easy to fix with custom-made shoe inserts — if ignored, it could lead to joint weakness in your ankle or consistent ankle breaks and sprains.

Diabetic shoes

Wearing diabetic shoes provide support and protection for your feet and minimise pressure points. These specialised shoes can decrease the risk of diabetic foot ulcers, reducing the risk of your foot needing to be amputated. Our range of styles and shapes to choose from makes shoe shopping a breeze!

With custom shoe inserts or well-fitting, surgical corrective shoes, we can help you walk with a spring in your step again.

PMB (Prescribed Minimum Benefit) for patients

We are contracted with most major medical aid schemes, and we are actively looking for ways to assist patients in managing their budgets and maximizing their benefits. Assisting patients in accessing Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) coverage is one of the most invaluable services that any medical service provider should be offering, especially for those who require medical devices, which are: prosthetic limb devices; high-end commercial orthotic devises; or custom-made corrective or rehabilitative orthotic devices, used for either chronic medical treatment (on-going permanent treatment required) or acute medical treatment (rehabilitative post-surgical).

It is extremely important to acknowledge the cost of supplying or servicing a patient's needed prosthetic and orthotic devices, which can be prohibitively expensive. Many medical aid plans may not provide adequate coverage for their needed medical devices, leaving patients to bear a significant financial burden when it comes to covering the costs of even the most basic prosthesis or needed orthosis.

It's true that even the most comprehensive medical aid plans may only cover a fraction of the costs often associated with the supply and servicing of even the most basic medical devices their members' might need to treat either chronic (permanent medical conditions) or acute medical conditions (rehabilitative post-surgery orthotic devises).

By leveraging the PMB regulations of the Medical Schemes Act, it is a helpful approach to improving access to coverage for prosthetic limb devices, even for Key Cover medical aid benefit holders. By working within these regulations, you can ensure that your loved ones have the best chances of receiving the necessary funding for their required medical devices, which are essential to their quality of life, improved mobility, and rehabilitation.

It's also essential to continue advocating for greater coverage and support for prosthetic and orthotic devices within your medical aid schemes. We do this by working with the patients and their medical aids and guiding the patient on the most effective way to leverage their medical aid's responsibility to cover their prosthetic needs.

This involves both patient and practice-based engagement with your medical aid provider, the medical aid's governing body (the Medical Scheme Council), and policymakers to highlight the importance and urgency of comprehensive coverage for their members' needs for prosthetic devices and the positive impact it can have on their members' lives.

Overall, we are dedicated to helping patients navigate the complexities of PMB-based medical aid coverage for prosthetic limb devices, which is an essential aspect of prosthetic rehabilitation. It can make a significant difference in the lives of those who depend on these devices for their mobility and well-being, especially if those individuals are medical aid policyholders.

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Off-the-shelf support options

Compression stockings and wrist, ankle, or knee braces are available at any pharmacy. However, it’s important to get the right fit to successfully support your condition. No more wasting time and money buying a brace or stocking that just doesn’t work — not because it’s poor quality, but because it’s not the right size or shape for you.

Get it right the first time: come to us and find an impeccable fit with help from a professional.

Compression stockings

Compression stockings (or socks) and sleeves are worn around your arm or leg to compress the limb, minimising swelling and increasing blood circulation. We have a wide range of elasticated sleeves and stockings to treat all kinds of issues, such as varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, lymphedema, venous ulcers, or post-mastectomy ulcers. Different styles for the fashionistas too!

With intimate knowledge of compression garments and clinical conditions, our practitioners will fit you with the correct size and type of stocking for your condition for real comfort and confidence.


Whether it’s for injury prevention, bracing a limb after injury, or immobilising a part of the body so it can heal, we’re here to support you with our wide selection of ankle, knee, and wrist braces. For supreme stability, fit, function, and breathability, we’ll ensure you get the right brace for your condition.

We can also design one especially for your body!

For conditions like drop foot, ankle sprains and fractures, osteoarthritis, diabetic foot ulcers, sports injuries, or symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, our knowledgeable practitioners will guide you in finding a brace that will support your optimal healing and joint reinforcement.

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